Our Infrasructure

Our Infrastructure includes up to date software such softphones and a PBX System (Public Branch Exchange) with features such as call recording which you can listen to live, customizable music and message on hold and queuing to manage multiple simultaneous calls at a time.

Our PBX generates CDR (Call Data Records) for your use to determine Call Volumes, Caller ID’s, Destinations, Duration of Calls, Date and Time, Recording File Names. We feel it is essential our clients have this information to refine their marketing strategy and quality of service. This is exportable in CSV, Microsoft Excel or SQL.

Our PBX is located at our call center here in the Philippines and also backed up through a Cloud Server in San Francisco, California.

Our SIP Trunking phone service allows us to set up DIDs (Direct Inward Dialing or simply meaning an outside number) in most geographical locations in the United States and other Countries.

Each of the DIDs is capable of multiple channels which means for example, we can set up a local number for you in your city and state that is capable of multiple calls at the same time. You can also simply forward your number to our phone system and we do the rest.

Our Infrastructure includes up to date hardware such as computers, routers and headsets that are compatible with our software related softphones.

We have 2 different sources of high speed internet routed into our call center for redundancy and backup. We also have an onsite generator for electric backup.